Up to 18 percent of Emergency Visits are avoidable and can lead to substantial cost savings.1
Employees who go to the ER versus other outpatient clinics could be costing their employers up 5 times as much for treating some conditions.2
Poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion a year, according to new research.3
In a poll of some 1,800 emergency physicians by the American College of Emergency Physicians, 86 percent of these doctors believe emergency room use will increase over the next three years.4
77 percent of these doctors say their ERs are not adequately prepared for significant increases in traffic.5
64 percent of Americans would be willing to see a doctor via video, according to a survey from American Well.6
76 percent of patients prioritize access to care over the need for human interaction with their providers, an AHA report states.7
Switching from in-person to telehealth office visits when appropriate could save U.S. companies up to $6 billion a year.8

The issue of access to healthcare is a growing concern as traditional primary care offices continue to face increasing demands. A continuing nationwide shortage and maldistribution of primary care physicians have resulted in longer wait times for patients to get in to see their doctors while doctors face the challenges of accommodating an increased demand from an aging population.

Employers Face Tough Decisions

Unfortunately, these realities negatively affect employers as they are often forced to make the difficult decision to reduce the scope of their healthcare offerings. The choice to offer only high-deductible health plans can affect employee retention and the ability to recruit top talent, while decreasing employee satisfaction and morale, leading to lower productivity and higher rates of absenteeism.

more employers are offering high-deducible health plans as the only option.
of employers are considering offering only high-deductible health plans for 2014.
employers offering only high-deductible health plans in 2012.
employers offering only high-deductible health plans in 2013.

The Price Employees Pay

Employees are burdened with the cost of higher healthcare expenses in the form of higher deductibles and higher co-payments to maintain a health insurance plan that offers limited benefits. Many employees may choose to pay the Affordable Healthcare Act penalty, opting out of healthcare coverage and leaving them uninsured. And as paid company sick time off is reduced or rolled into general personal-time-off, more employees will make the choice to come into work sick and potentially expose their colleagues to illnesses.

The FlashMD Telehealth Solution

Our mission is to deliver a cost-effective solution that benefits employers and employees alike. The addition of FlashMD your company’s health and wellness benefits package can reduce overall healthcare expenses, increase employee satisfaction, and help raise productivity.

By providing easily accessible virtual consultations 24×7, our doctors ensure your employees receive the care they need when they need it, and address the most common health complaints that can result in costly urgent care or emergency room visits.

The top reasons for potentially avoidable ER visits are: headaches, back pain, urinary tract infection, sore throat, acute upper respiratory infections, ear ache, acute bronchitis, pink eye, and sciatica.

Our plans eliminate:

  • Employees waiting weeks for their doctor’s appointment
  • Employees taking time off work and the travel to/from their medical provider
  • Insurance provider co-payments

Our plans offer:

  • Direct virtual consultations and advice, diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations, referrals, and prescriptions when appropriate
  • Accessibility from any cell phone or other mobile device via voice or e-mail
  • HIPAA compliant communications technology that ensures patient medical records privacy
  • Up-to-date confidential medical records that can be accessed by members and electronically provided to Primary Health Physicians or Specialists
  • Easy implementation with your company’s existing employee healthcare offerings

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